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The aim of the Faculty of Visual Arts is the development of individual creative work that is based on practical skills in art disciplines and on knowledge of local and international cultural and art heritage. The Faculty of Visual Arts currently offers studies in three degree-awarding departments:
- Department of Painting (click here)
- Department of Graphic Art (click here)
- Department of Textile Art (click here)

Part of the Faculty is also the Department of Drawing (click here), which offers drawing courses to all students of the Art Academy of Latvia.

During the study process students are researching and working extensively with colour, shape and materials. A large emphasis is put on interpretations and creation of artworks.

The Academy equips its students with professional skills and specific knowledge. During the study years students step by step get involved in the local and international art scene. The Academy organizes and financially supports student participation in international projects, exhibitions and culture events giving the students a chance to discover their chosen field from various aspects.

Study programmes of the Faculty of Visual Arts are based on one core pillar – the study of composition, which is supplemented by courses in painting, drawing and modelling. Part of the programme is dedicated to humanities, which gives the students an opportunity to learn languages and acquire knowledge in such fields as art history and theory, philosophy, psychology etc.

The Head of the Faculty of Visual Arts is Professor Ieva Krūmiņa.