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Department of Restoration

Founded in 1990.

As soon as humankind understood the value of art, the sphere of restoration emerged. At the Department of Restoration of the Art Academy of Latvia students obtain knowledge and skills necessary for restoration of icon painting, easel-painting and wall-paintings.

The theoretical studies consist of courses in technologies of painting, specialized courses in chemistry and biology, material studies, diagnostics of damages and research of paintings′ structure. In practical classes students are working on real artworks learning different techniques of restoration. During the study process, practical and theoretical courses complement each other. Theoretical knowledge is always examined in practice.

Students also master copying paintings and prints. In this way students obtain more detailed knowledge on different techniques, treatments and diagnostics in restoration.

During the study period students take active part in scientific conferences. The Department cooperates with museums, Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry of Latvian Academy of Science, Faculty of Material Science and Applied Chemistry of Riga Technical University and leading specialists in Latvia and abroad.

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Head of the Department:
Professor Andris Začests

Academic staff:
- Assistant Professor Gunita Čakare;
- Lecturer Liene Visendorfa;
- Chemist Indra Tuņa.

Contact information:
Phone: +371 67322390