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Department of Graphic Art

Founded in 1921.

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The main attention during studies in the Department of Graphic Art is paid to composition and printmaking techniques. The studies are divided into two specialities:

1. Graphic Art. Studies focus on printmaking techniques and just a minimum amount of time is dedicated to book art. Along with technical studies, students are encourage to experiment and develop their creativity. Attention is mainly concentrated on current trends in print art.

The main techniques taught at the Department of Graphic Art:
- Relief printing. Woodcut, woodcarving, linocut;
- Intaglio (gravure printing). Etching, engraving, mezzotint, aquatint, chine-colle, dry-point etc.;
- Lithography.

2. Book Art. Minimum attention is paid to printmaking, maximum – to courses related to polygraphy (printing, publishing, designing). This specialization is for those who want to become professional polygraphic artists, graphic designers. In the study process students learn about and work with all kinds of printed material – books, catalogues, daily press, advertisements, CD, video layout etc. Development of students’ creativity is of utmost importance. The Department makes sure that the study process involves many co-operation projects – with publishing houses, typographies and other related organizations.

Useful information:
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- Gallery;
- Courses.

Head of the Department of Graphic Art:
Professor Guntars Sietiņš

Academic staff:
- Professor Valdis Villerušs;
- Professor Juris Petraškevičs;
- Associate Professor Aivars Sprūdžs;
- Associate Professor Kristaps Ģelzis;
- Assistant Professor Anatolijs Šandurovs;
- Assistant Professor Raitis Šmits;
- Lecturer Vita Lēnerte;
- Lecturer Maija Kurševa;
- Lecturer Mārtiņš Lablaiks;
- Assistant Ausma Šmite.