Kreisā mala
Labā mala
Art history and theory. Core courses
Western Art history
Art of Ancient Times
Art of Antiquity
Art of Middle Ages
Renessaince Art
Baroque Art
Art of 19th Century
Art of 20th Century
Art History of Latvia
Architecture of 20th Century
Art history of near regions
Art of Ancient Russia
Art History of the Baltics
Art of the Eastern Europe in 20th Century
History of Applied Arts
History of Photography
Theory of Styles
Technologies of Painitng
Techniques of Graphic Art

History of art history and theory. Core courses
Basics of Art Studies
History of Art Studies
Protection of Cultural Heritage
Museum Studies
Methods of Teaching Art History
Management of Art and Exhibitions

History and theory of culture. Core courses
History of Culture
Etnographic History of Latvia
Psychology of Personality
Psychology of Pedagogy
History of Phylosophy
Phylosophy of 20th Century - Western Europe and USA
History of Latvia
History of Ancient Times
History of Middle Ages
History of Modern Times
Politics of 20th Century
Theory and Praxis of Communication
Foreign Language

Summer studies. Core courses
Praxis of visual arts
Musuem praxis in Open air Museum of Latvia
Painting in open air
Praxis and theory of Archives
Pre-diploma summer praxis

Diploma work. Required studies
Elaboration and presentation of diploma work