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Department of Humanities

Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes give students general humanitarian education, introducing them to the achievements of contemporary humanitarian sciences. Studying humanities helps to develop one’s personality – critical thinking, extraordinary perception and creative imagination.

Contemporary world also requires artists and young professionals to speak foreign languages, understand different theories of art and culture and to have a good command of art history. All of this and much more is taught by the Department of Humanities. Although it’s not a diploma-awarding Department, it organizes courses in humanities to students of all the Departments of the Academy.

Useful information:
- Academic Staff

Head of the department:
- Associate Professor Dr. phil. Jānis Taurens;

Academic staff:
- Associate Professor Dr. hist. Mārtiņš Kuplais;
- Associate Professor Dr. philol. Biruta Ķēde;
- Lecturer Ilze Vītola;
- Lecturer Maija Oginta;
- Associate professor Helēna Demakova.