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Head of Doctoral Programme
Professor, Dr. Art Ojārs Spārītis 
Mob. phone: +371 29118230
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Doctoral Programme at the Art Academy of Latvia provides students an opportunity to obtain the highest academic degree and prepares the young specialists for independent, creative and multi-faceted research career in fields related to history and theory of art and culture. The knowledge and experience of the academic staff engaged in the work of Doctoral Programme guarantees the quality of studies. Students can both focus on issues specific to the Baltic art and culture or explore topics of global span and relevance. To ensure the success of research done as part of Doctoral studies, the Art Academy of Latvia actively involves in its work specialists from other universities in Latvia and abroad.  

Duration of Doctoral studies at the Art Academy of Latvia is three years. During this period, students acquire 140 credit points and actively take part in conferences, prepare publications and pass exams related to the qualification. To obtain Doctoral degree, students must present their research to the Council of Doctorate.

Studies in the Doctoral Programme at the Art Academy of Latvia take place in Latvian language, but international doctoral students are welcome to get in touch with our faculty members in order to discuss their research projects and receive advice.

The Secretary of the Doctoral Programme is Associate Professor Laila Bremša, e-mail:

Office hours (during the academic year):
12 noon - 1 PM
Art Academy of Latvia, Room 5 (ground floor)
Phone: +371 67334641