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Department of Drawing

Drawing is a fundamental skill in arts, therefore the Department of Drawing works with students of all the faculties of the Art Academy of Latvia. The content of lectures is adapted to the specifics of each department. Generally students learn:
1) Different drawing modes – depiction of line, volume, tonality, structure, chiaroscuro etc.;
2) Different techniques – pencil, coal, Indian ink etc.

Students at the Art Academy of Latvia study drawing for at least three years and finish the studies with a large-scale individual drawing where students are encouraged to experiment with materials and surfaces, so that they can manifest their own personal style.


Useful information:
- Academic staff
- Gallery

Head of the Department of Drawing:
Professor Normunds Brasliņš

Academic staff:
- Professor Edvīns Kalnenieks;
- Associate Professor Rolands Gross;
- Assistant Professor Andrejs Ameļkovičš;
- Assistant Professor Valdis Krēsliņš;
- Assistant Professor Dina Ābele;
- Assistant Professor Oļegs Dzjubenko;
- Lecturer Dace Lielā;
- Assistant Dace Fridberga.