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Department of Sculpture

Founded in 1921.

Sculpture is one of earliest and most interesting forms of art. The aim of the Department of Sculpture is to prepare students for independent work in three dimensions, so that they can freely realize their own creative ideas and commissions.

Modelling is one of the most fundamental skills to be acquired, and it is taught to almost all students at the Art Academy of Latvia. Modelling and 3D courses are run by the Department of Sculpture and vary depending on the programme and needs of each faculty.

Students of the Department of Sculpture master different techniques of handling various materials, composition, anatomy, painting etc. In the study programme, both principles of classic and contemporary art are combined.

The students take part in the obligatory summer studies, where they can experiment with materials and participate in international symposia and art events. The Department of Sculpture has premises outside the central building of the Art Academy of Latvia, where students can work on their assignments and create their diploma works. Also classes of stone handling and bronze casting are held in the premises on Astras Street.

Studies at the Department of Sculpture are completed with a diploma work, which is created in workshops led by experienced artists.

Useful information:
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- Gallery;
- Courses.

Head of the Department of Sculpture:
Professor Bruno Strautiņš

Academic staff:
- Professor Aigars Bikše;
- Associate Professor Gļebs Panteļejevs;
- Associate Professor Olga Šilova;
- Assistant Professor Valtis Barkāns;
- Assistant Kārlis Alainis.