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Department of Ceramics

Founded in 1924.

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Studies at the Department of Ceramics focus on the use of different ceramic techniques. Students are provided with a good understanding of materials, develop their creative skills and gain fundamental research skills.

The main accent in the study process is put on composition and technologies. Both undergraduate and post-graduate students are encouraged to experiment with materials and their treatment. The Department has modern technical equipment, which allows students to realize even their most ambitions creative projects. Students also learn to work with various computer programmes, acquiring the necessary knowledge in applied graphics, computer design etc.

Core courses at the Department of Ceramics:
1. Projects and creation of ceramic objects;
2. Studies of techniques and technologies of ceramics, computer studies – MATRIX-CERAMICS, THE GLAZE GAME, 3D STUDIO MAX, ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP;
3. Summer studies – participation in symposia, adaptation of innovative techniques;
4. Creation of design objects.

The Department, in collaboration with professional artists and international partners, regularly organizes annual symposia in Zvārtava, Roja and other cities, where students can participate and enhance their skills.

The studies are completed with a diploma work, which consists of a written thesis and an artwork.

Throughout the study process, students work together with experienced local and international artists.

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Head of the Department of Ceramics:
Professor Dainis Lesiņš

Academic staff:
- Associate Professor Dainis Pundurs;
- Associate Professor Līga Skariņa;
- Associate Professor Jevgeņija Loginova;
- Assistant Professor Ainars Rimicāns;
- Assistant Anna Rubene-Zīdere.