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Department of Functional Design

Founded in 1964.

The goal of the Department of Functional Design is to prepare professional future designers – able to create new functional objects, which meet people’s needs, are imaginative, functional and have high aesthetic value. During the study process, students are introduced to various materials, techniques and theoretical disciplines, as well as are encouraged to experiment.

Core courses at the Department of Functional Design include:
1. Design basics, principles of composition and theoretical disciplines of design – descriptive geometry, material technologies, ergonomics, bionics, functional analysis of an object etc.;
2. Compositional design – assignments with growing levels of difficulty, staring form simple objects to projects involving furniture and transport production. Students work with classic methods and learn to work with different computer programmes: COREL-DRAW, PHOTOSHOP, 3D STUDIO, AUTO CAD, ILLUSTRATOR, FREE-HAND etc.;
3. Real-life projects – students make models and prototypes in different materials – plaster, wood, plastics, and metal etc. and learn to work with real clients and commissions.
4. Art courses (2D and 3D) – painting, drawing, and modelling.

Every year students visit and participate in the top design fairs and events in Europe, such as International Furniture Fair in Milan, Stockholm Furniture Fair etc.

Head of the Department of Functional Design:
Professor Holgers Elers

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Academic staff:
- Professor Emeritus Juris Panteļejevs;
- Professor Emeritus Arvīds Drīzulis;
- Professor Emeritus Tālivaldis Gaumigs;
- Associate Professor Barbara Ābele;
- Associate Professor Gita Straustiņa;
- Assistant Professor Ervins Pastors;
- Assistant Professor Edīte Bērziņa;
- Assistant Professor Aija Freimane;
- Assistant Professor Kirils Panteļejevs;
- Lecturer Rihards Funts;
- Lecturer Ilvars Elceris;
- Lecturer Edgars Zvirgzdiņš;
- Assistant Esmeralda Purvišķe.