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Department of Metal Design

Founded in 1961.

The aim of the Department of Metal Design is to prepare designers who excel at creating different objects in metal – from unique artworks to mass production, from jewellery to large-scale social commissions. Upon graduation, the young designers are able to work independently in all stages – from the concept to the final product.

The main accent is put on studies of composition, creation of 2D and 3D works, basics of design, technologies of material, ergonomics and bionics.

Core courses at the Department of Metal Design include:
1. Design basics, introduction to specialization, principles of composition, theoretical design disciplines: technologies of materials, ergonomics, bionics, engineering etc.
2. Special courses. Drawing, painting, modelling, principles of 2D and 3D.

Head of the Department of Metal Design:
Assistant Professor Arvīds Endziņš

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Academic staff:
- Professor Juris Gagainis;
- Assistant Professor Andris Silapēters;
- Assistant Rasma Pušpure.

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