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The Faculty of Audio-Visual Media Art focuses on the new media and the application of new media in the context of traditional art disciplines and values. In addition to that, students work with the notions of space and time. The Faculty of Audio-Visual Media Art offers studies in two degree-awarding departments:
- Department of Visual Communication
- Department of Stage Design

The work of the Faculty is supported by the Laboratory of Digital Technologies and the new Department “Movement, Image, Sound”, which was established in academic year 2012/2013 and provides students of all the departments of the Academy with courses in new media (photography, animation, video, sound etc.).

The Faculty is working on developing its own technological park and a separate library. Much emphasis is put on strengthening collaboration between universities, promoting mobility of students and faculty members etc.

Students of the Faculty of Audio-Visual Media Art regularly participate in local and international art events, are active participants on the local arts scene, organize exhibitions and carry out unique culture projects.

The Head of the Faculty of Audio-Visual Media Art is Professor Jānis Murovskis.