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Department of Stage Design

Founded in 1921.

The Department of Stage Design prepares stage designers mainly for theatre, opera and ballet. The main task of the department is to teach students to visualize any literary work or idea of the director.

Core courses at the Department of Stage Design:
1. Theoretical part.
Students acquire basic knowledge of stage design, principles of spatial and plane composition, and theoretical knowledge appropriate to specialty: layout design, spatial geometry, perspective, principles of lighting, ergonomics, history of costumes and principles of costume design.

2. Special courses.
The students attend courses of drawing, painting, modelling, printmaking, tectonics and colour studies. The main accent is put on realization of stage design of plays. Students also learn to work with design computer programs. Students make spatial models; they are also drawing sketches for equipment (furniture, installations etc.), costumes and materials.

3. Practical studies.
Students work on real-life stage design projects and are encouraged to develop projects from the idea to realization.

For their diploma work, students most often work on real stage design projects in one of the theatres in Latvia.

The Department of Stage Design has proved its ability to train outstanding stage designers at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, where it has won gold medals in 2007 and 2011.

Useful information:
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- Courses.

Head of the Department of Stage Design:
Associate Professor Mārtiņš Kalseris

Academic staff:
- Professor Emeritus Andris Freibergs;
- Assistant Professor Viktors Jansons;
- Docent Kristians Brekte;
- Lecturer Kristīne Pasternaka;
- Lecturer Ineta Sipunova;
- Assistant Artūrs Arnis.