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Department of History and Theory of Art and Culture

Founded in 1959.

The department is working on:
1. Theoretical and special courses for the students of the Department of History and Theory of Art and Culture;
2. Theoretical courses for students of art and design;
3. Research.

The main task of the Department is to prepare specialists working in fields of art history, art theory and criticism. According to the programme, students acquire knowledge in the history and theory of art. During studies much attention is paid to the art and culture of Latvia and its nearest regions. The Department offers a great range of theoretical disciplines - form antiquity to contemporary art, focusing on history, politics, aesthetics, philosophy, art theories and critics. Students also master courses of management, art pedagogy and journalism.

Head of the Department:
Associate Professor Dr. art. Silvija Grosa

Useful information:
- Academic staff;
- Courses.

Academic staff:
- Professor Dr. habil. art. Eduards Kļaviņš;
- Professor Dr. habil. art. Ojārs Spārītis;
- Associate Professor Dr. art. Laila Bremša;
- Associate Professor Dr. art. Andris Teikmanis;
- Professor Emeritus Dr. hist. Mārtiņš Kuplais;
- Associate Professor Dr. art. Kristīne Ogle;
- Docent Mag. art. Aiga Dzalbe;
- Docent Mag. art. Rihards Pētersons;
- Dr. art. Elita Grosmane;
- Mag. art. Ilze Jakuša-Kreituse;
- Professor Mag. art. Andris Začests;
- Professor Mag. art. Valdis Villerušs;
- Docent Mag. art. Andris Vītoliņš;
- Docent Mag. art. Kristīne Rubene;
- Mag. phil. Kārlis Vērpe;
- Lecturer Mag. paed. Ilze Vītola;
- Docent Mag. art. Aija Freimane;
- Associate Professor Dr. phil. Jānis Taurens;
- Professor Dr. phil. Andris Rubenis;
- Dr. phil. Ivars Austers;
- Mag. philol. Maija Oginta.

Contact information:
Assistant Inese Kundziņa
Phone: +371 67334641