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Department of Painting

Founded in 1921.

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Painting is one of the most crucial skills for any artist, therefore learning painting is compulsory for almost all students of the Art Academy of Latvia. Studies in painting, first of all, mean learning the basic principles of painting and, secondly, fostering individual expression, originality and development of personal style. The Department of Painting makes sure that students are working with a great variety of assignments – from classic compositions to contemporary interdisciplinary expressions.

The Department fulfils three main functions:
1) Elaboration of general and specialized study programmes in painting;
2) Organising the study process for students of the Department of Painting;
3) Organising the study process for students of other departments.

Core courses for students of the Department of Painting:
1) Composition;
2) Painting by nature (still life, portrait, space, figures etc.);
3) Painting in open air (plein air, landscape, distance, light etc.);
4) Techniques of painting;
5) Experimental 2D and 3D studies.

The studies at the Department of Painting end with master classes where students in collegial collaboration with professors work on developing their own creativity and style.

The Department of Painting is proud to offer its students an opportunity to work together with locally and internationally well-known professors, all professional artists.

Useful information:
Academic staff

Head of the Department of Painting:
Associate Professor Andris Eglītis

Academic staff:
- Professor Ivars Heinrihsons;
- Professor Kristaps Zariņš;
- Professor Aleksejs Naumovs;
- Professor Kaspars Zariņš;
- Professor Juris Jurjāns;
- Professor Emeritus Imants Vecozols;
- Associate Professor Pēteris Postažs;
- Associate Professor Irēna Lūse;
- Associate Professor Vija Zariņa;
- Associate Professor Ieva Iltnere;
- Assistant Professor Kristīne Rubene;
Associate professor Andris Vītoliņš;
- Assistant Raimonds Kalējs.