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Francesco Scullica lecture "Relation between Fashion Brands and Interior Design" (0 komentāri)
In the contemporary society the fashion brands, above all the Italian fashion companies, has for many years been committed to design new products, but also new spaces, like boutique and showrooms, in order to translate their values in new lifestyles and to generate new consumption.

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International glass art exhibition ”BALTIJAS AINAVA / BALTIC LANDSCAPE” (0 komentāri)
The exhibition  ”BALTIJAS AINAVA / BALTIC LANDSCAPE” will represent Art Academy of Latvia (LV), Art Academy of Lithuania (LT) and Art Academy of Estonia (EST). The objective of the exhibition is to strengthen the existing contacts amongst the higher education institutions of the Baltic States and to advance further creative cooperation of new artists in the future. Both students and lecturers will participate in the exhibition. The Baltic Region that is safe, united and open will be the priority of the inter-parliamentary cooperation of the Baltic States during the next year.

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The Art Academy of Latvia rector Aleksejs Naumovs receives the Order of Arts and Letters (Ordre des Arts et des Lettres) in art and literature (0 komentāri)
On October 11, 2016 the French ambassador to Latvia Stefan Visconti presented the rector of The Art Academy of Latvia prof. Aleksejs Naumovs with the Order of Arts and Letters (Ordre des Arts et des Lettres) in art and literature. Mr. Naumovs received the Chevalier (Knight) grade order for his contributions in improving French Latvian cultural relations. Previous recipients of the order include arts and culture heavyweights Tim Burton, Philip Glass, Cate Blanchett, Jude Law, Kylie Minogue and others. 
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Call for Papers Art Future & Future State (0 komentāri)
Conference to be held at the Art Academy of Latvia 25th – 26th November, 2016

“The future appears as the space of possible states” (Yuri Lotman)

As a research now is becoming a cornerstone of an art and design practice and advanced education throughout Europe, the necessity to address the future of art, design and art academies emerges. Even more, as teachers and researchers of art and design, we are responsible for of the future role of art and design in our society.

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Art Academy of Latvia student wins Fashion Future for Hong Kong 2016 design contest (0 komentāri)
Evija Šaitere, a graduate of the Art Academy of Latvia (LMA) Faculty of Design, Department of Fashion Design, has won the Champion award at the international Fashion Future for Hong Kong 2016 fashion design contest organised by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Evija competed with students from London’s "Central Saint Martins", the Parisian "Institut Français de la Mode" and other world renowned fashion and design institutions.

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The Art Academy of Latvia will host the director of art support group ARTizan -Teiko Hinuma (0 komentāri)
On May 16, the Art Academy of Latvia will host the director of art support group ARTizan -Teiko Hinuma with the lecture “Japan’s artist residences as a social challenge”. The lecture will start at 14:00 in room 10.

AIR programs have developed in the fields of fine art, literature, music, and performing arts. Concepts of “global” and “local” are becoming less and less opposed. In Japan there are a lot of AIR programs which are organized by public and private funds. Each year more and more international artists are involved with AIR Japan. Presentation by Teiko Hinuma will introduce the cases of International AIR Programs in Japan as a social challenge.

Teiko Hinuma is director of citizen art support organization “ARTizan”, program director of Rikuzentakata Artist-in-Residence Program, curator at Aomori Contemporary Arts Center (1999-2011) and Associate Professor at Joshibi University of Art and Design.

KHiB digital weaving, printing and dying workshops at the AAL (0 komentāri)
Digital weaving, printing and dying workshops of Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB; Kunst- og designhøgskolen i Bergen) will take place at the Art Academy of Latvia (AAL) on February 29 – March 4. The workshops will be led by KHiB academic staff – Lise Finne and Jon Pettersen. The workshop is intended for the students of Department of Textile Art.  
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Exhibition "The Spirit of Cities" in New York (0 komentāri)
On February 8, 2016, the gallery "Onetwentyeight" in New York (USA) opens an exhibition "The Spirit of Cities" by Aleksejs Naumovs, the Rector of the Art Academy of Latvia (AAL), Kristaps Zariņš, the Vice-Rector of the AAL, and Jacek J. Kolasinski, the Chair of the Art and Art History Department at Florida International University (FIU), which showcases paintings and 3D printed objects.
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Aleksejs Naumovs' and Kristaps Zariņš' Exhibition "World Cities" in Polotsk (0 komentāri)
The Art Academy of Latvia (AAL) Rector Aleksejs Naumovs' and Vice-rector Kristaps Zariņš' exhibition "World Cities" will be opened on 8th of January, 2016 at the Art Gallery of Polotsk National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve, Belarus. The organization of the exhibition is supported by Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in the Republic of Belarus, Consulate of the Republic of Latvia in Vitebsk, Art Gallery of Polotsk National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve, and Vitebsk State University. 
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Academic Staff of the ALL Textile Department Workshops at Bergen Academy of Art and Design (0 komentāri)
From October 12 – 16, 2015 the Art Academy of Latvia (AAL) professor Ieva Krūmiņa and lecturer Irēna Andrejeva will be attending Bergen Academy of Art and Design. The objective of the mobility is to familiarize the students and academic staff of Bergen Academy of Arts and Design with latest innovations and trends which are elaborated in the Textile Department of the AAL.
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Design department's project "Welcome on Board" in the international Design Fair "Salone del Mobile. Milano 2015" (0 komentāri)
The Design Department of the Art Academy of Latvia will bring a story of one tree to the international Design Fair in Milan. This is a story of 1 birch that can transform into 70 skateboards, multiplying its energy up to 70 times.
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PHOTO: Opening of Anita Paegle’s Exhibition “Garden of Wonderland” (0 komentāri)
Anita Paegle’s exhibition “Garden of Wonderland” introduces to the distinguished book illustrator’s work. Exhibition showcases Anita Paegle’s book, magazine, stamp, postcard illustrations and coinage art, which invites the spectator to get acquainted with unique world the artist has created.
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Launch of the information design exposition INFORMATION (0 komentāri)
The official launch of the exposition INFORMATION, dedicated to various aspects of products, services and processes of the graphic design of Latvia, will take place on Thursday 5 March 2015 at the Academy of Arts of Latvia (13 Kalpaka Blvd, Riga). This is the third exhibition of the DESIGN MANIFESTATION, exposition cycle of the design of Latvia.   
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Programmes of the Art Academy of Latvia Accredited for the Maximum Duration
We are very pleased to report that the academic programmes offered at the Art Academy of Latvia have all been accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science for the maximum duration, six years.
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