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Voice of Glass`11
Already for the second time - from the 4 until 22 March - the Art Academy of Latvia offers its visitors to attend glass art exhibition "Voice of Glass`11" that features artworks by both local and international artists. With their figurativeness and abstraction of expression the artworks offer great inspiration and enjoyment.
The exhibition „Voice of Glass`11" provides a view to the contemporary glass art by bringing together works where the realistic and illusory portrayal of the three-dimensional plane motivates an artist to use both supermundane and contemporary themes. Exhibits reflect our respect to nature, our inseparable bond with it, a philosophical view to the passing of time and the deepest and most important vibes of the human soul.

The participating artists come from the Baltic States and also Poland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, the USA and Japan. The international character of the exhibition is very important - although the field of glass art has a small niche on the scene of Latvian art, on a wider scale artists from Latvia have already received significant attention, recognition and respect.

On the 2 March 2011, within the framework of the exhibition "Voice of Glass`11", everyone is invited to attend the exhibition, see the artworks exhibited and learn about Latvian glass art and contextualize it internationally. The artists will give presentations on their work which combines physical and chemical properties of glass together with socially attached notions.

The first international exhibition "Voice of Glass" took place at the Museum Of Decorative Arts and Design in Riga, in 2006. It featured 14 artists from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the USA, Finland, the Netherlands and Ukraine, and the exhibition earned a well-deserved response among artists, media and also the viewers. The authors of the idea - Prof. Inguna Audere, Art Academy of Latvia, Department of Glass Art, and Prof. Michael Rogers, Rochester Institute of Technology, School for American Crafts (USA).

The exhibition is organized by the Art Academy of Latvia, Department of Glass Art; the exhibition curator Prof. Inguna Audere from the Art Academy of Latvia, Department of Glass Art.

The exhibition is supported by the Representation of the European Commission in Latvia, Embassy of the United States, Embassy of Sweden and Embassy of the Czech Republic in Riga.

More information:
Anna Audere
Project Assistant
Phone: +371 26136478