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Design department's project "Welcome on Board" in the international Design Fair "Salone del Mobile. Milano 2015"
The Design Department of the Art Academy of Latvia will bring a story of one tree to the international Design Fair in Milan. This is a story of 1 birch that can transform into 70 skateboards, multiplying its energy up to 70 times.
14th till 19th of April, 2015, a team of students and teachers from the Design Department of the Art Academy of Latvia (AAL) will take part in an international Design Fair Salone del Mobile. Milano 2015, exhibiting their project called "Welcome on Board" in the Design School section SaloneSatellite.

They will represent both the AAL as a higher education institution with a contemporary and progressive design thinking and Latvia as a country, where the connection to the nature is still important because of Latvian people’s ability to skillfully use local resources for a sustainable and green lifestyle.

This year the given theme is "Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life", which is identical to the motto of EXPO 2015  taking place from 1st May till 31st October in Milan. AAL’s stand nr.B4 will be placed in the area of SaloneSatellite in pavilions 22-24.

These Latvian design students are going to the Fair with confidence: „We are young design students and a part of an urban environment - always on the move, always full of energy. We say “yes” to movement and “no” to laziness. So instead of static furniture we've created a design that encapsulates movement and energy with emphasis on its connection to nature.” The concept of project is the story about 1 birch tree that is manifesting its 70 year's energy into 70 skateboards. As a result of that, there is an increase of energy - as opposed to those sitting in an office, to traffic jams, and to CO2 emissions in the city's streets.

So we found our simple formula of energy:
1 birch tree = energy for 70 people.

„Welcome on Board” is a call to join the team physically as well as mentally – through the change of thinking. It is a call to notice the huge energy source that comes from a single tree aimed at those people who choose and practice an active lifestyle in the city. Movement is the new comfort - it is faster to move on a longboard through traffic jams and at the same time movement helps you to stay fit.

The international Design Fair Salone del Mobile. Milano that takes place every April in Milan is one of the most important design events worldwide. Constituent SaloneSatellite is a part of the Fair that is dedicated to new designers and design schools. This will be the third time the AAL has received this rare opportunity to participate with its own stand. At the same time, this is also a very important and valuable opportunity to see and compare their performance to other design schools and new designers. Such international design forums are a great opportunity for networking - establishing new contacts and co-operational opportunities with people from the international industrial and educational design environment.

There are 11 functional design postgraduate students involved in the project "Welcome on Board" - Astra, Dace, Agnese, Maija, Guna, Sandra, Arvīds, Māris, Aleksejs, Mārtiņš un Alberts - each with their own life, study and work experience in product, interior and graphic design, environmental art, engineering and geography. Also taking part are the teachers of the Art Academy of Latvia - Ilze Kundziņa, Barbara Abele, Inguna Elere and Aija Freimane - those ones keeping the young and creative maximalists "on the ground".

Please find the latest information by following the project's social accounts:

The project is implemented with the support of the Art Academy of Latvia, Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation, “Solavi”, “Lokal Boards”, „Mind Work Ramps” and indoor skatepark „Monsterparks”.