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International glass art exhibition ”BALTIJAS AINAVA / BALTIC LANDSCAPE”
The exhibition  ”BALTIJAS AINAVA / BALTIC LANDSCAPE” will represent Art Academy of Latvia (LV), Art Academy of Lithuania (LT) and Art Academy of Estonia (EST). The objective of the exhibition is to strengthen the existing contacts amongst the higher education institutions of the Baltic States and to advance further creative cooperation of new artists in the future. Both students and lecturers will participate in the exhibition. The Baltic Region that is safe, united and open will be the priority of the inter-parliamentary cooperation of the Baltic States during the next year.
„Latvian parliament and Latvian delegation undertake the duties of the presiding country of the Baltic Assembly with high sense of responsibility and strong regional awareness,” the newly-elected President of BA and Chair of Latvian delegation Janis Vucans(Jānis Vucāns) emphasized.
United Baltic region with focusing on collaboration in the higher education, research and culture is one of the three priorities 2016 with emphasis that the objective of Latvian presidency is to achieve increasingly more inclusive and more harmonised policy amongst the parliaments and executive authorities of the Baltic States to strengthen the regional development and stability in favour of the Baltic States. In its work, Latvian presidency will highlight the need to reinforce the identity of the Baltic region. The exhibition ”BALTIJAS AINAVA / BALTIC LANDSCAPE” confirms the path of collaboration, twinning and search of mutual regional identity that is currently strengthening and will strengthen the long-term unity and friendship of the Baltic States.
The exhibition will be displayed also at the Art Academy of Latvia on 2 February 2017, and its main priorities will focus on mutual cooperation opportunities in education and science by expanding and establishing common information space and creating and advancing future cooperation projects. The display of the exhibition will include the collection of study programmes and creative pieces of art of the students and lecturers of the Baltic higher education institutions of art.
Information about BA:
Baltic Assembly is an institution of inter-parliamentary cooperation amongst Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania established on 8 November 1991. Every parliament of the Baltic States is represented in the Assembly by 12-20 parliamentarians. The Assembly is a coordinating and consultative institution. It has the right to express its opinion to national parliaments, governments and the Baltic Council of Ministers in the form of resolutions, decisions, declarations and recommendations an to request answers about the manner of solving the topical cross-border issues in the agenda of the BA.
Latvia will be the presiding country of the BA in 2016, and the upcoming session of the BA will take place on 27 and 28 October 2016 in Riga, the capital of Latvia.
The exhibition ”BALTIJAS AINAVA / BALTIC LANDSCAPE” will be open from 25 October until 19 December 2016 in Mencendorf house. 17-18 th.century Riga dweling house. Grecinieku street -18. Riga.