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Francesco Scullica lecture "Relation between Fashion Brands and Interior Design"
In the contemporary society the fashion brands, above all the Italian fashion companies, has for many years been committed to design new products, but also new spaces, like boutique and showrooms, in order to translate their values in new lifestyles and to generate new consumption.
Today globalization and financial developments requires a new strategic approach, more related to experiences and personal people's tastes. For thes reasons changes in design process can drive innovation powerfully. Fashion brands have already started to invest in the interior design field, especially in the hospitality sector. The hotel is a point of meeting and interaction between different scales of the project, starting from the architectural aspects through the interiors spaces and the relationship with furniture and accessories to the definition of experiences designed via a system of services and communicative artifacts.

The conference offered a specific Italian point of view on this relation between fashion brands and hospitality sector. In detail will be introduced Italian fashion brand, like Bulgari, Fendi, Armani and Ferragamo, and the hotels opened by these company around the world.

Speaker: Francesco Scullica
Architect, Ph.d. in Interior Architetture, Associate Professor in Design at Design Department, Politecnico di Milano (Italy).