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Call for Artistic Contribution Art Future / Future Revolution The Second New Art Mini-Biennale Art Future / Future Signs
Art Academy of Latvia (Riga, Latvia)
November 15 – December 2, 2017

Continuing with the Centenary Art Future project of the Art Academy of Latvia, the First New Art Mini-Biennale Riga “Art Future / Future Signs” (2015) and the First Art, Design and Future Studies Conference “Art Future & Future State” (2016) and its follow–up at the exhibition “Art Future / Documento Futurae” (2017) the Art Academy of Latvia organizes the Second New Art Mini-Biennale Riga “Art Future / Future Revolution” that will be held at the Art Academy of Latvia (Riga, Latvia). 
Why Art Future and Future Revolution at the Art Academies?

One hundred years ago art and scientific and political utopias seemed interrelated. However, all political utopias of 20th century failed. Future became menacing and utopias transformed into dystopias. Artistic reflections switched from upcoming to historical or actual identity. While we are living in the most important age of human history, we are also living in the age of the scarcity of the future.

However, as the institutions of higher education of arts are preparing their students for the future art and design forms, language and markets, necessity to answer what the future will looks like is becoming imminent. A contemporary European cultural and political domain is determined by the Great French Revolution and all other political, social, economical, technological and artistic revolutions that followed, we are free to consider that the next great revolutions in AI, biotech and nanotech will be interrelated and will shape the landscape of arts and design. Or, even more, these revolutions would be predicted by the outcomes of contemporary art and design. Therefore we urgently ask students of art and design schools to share their vision of future and predict revolutionary changes in art and design.
“Art Future / Future Revolution” is intended as a creative and virtual platform allowing students, young artists and researchers to propose, show, exchange, share and interact their artistic vision of the future and the future role of art. The aim of the “Art Future / Future Revolution” is to address the role of art and design as an instrument allowing to imagine, propose, shape and permit future.

Under this broad focus, contributors are invited to examine a number of more specific issues:
• Artistic research as an instrument of future building;
• The role of the art in the development of the future awareness;
• Contractual and polemic role of art and design acting as means of creation of future models.
Applicants are required to submit:
• 1 – 10 images representing intended artwork, they could consist of reproductions, visual projects or sketches or related digital media proposal (video (YouTube or Vimeo), computer game);
• Applicants should specify preferred forms of participation:
• Artworks (as digital prints of digital screen or computer projection),
• Future Manifesto Workshop,
• Performance,
• Virtual participation.
• A concept or proposed future art manifest (100 - 300 words)

All artworks submitted will be exhibited virtually as the online exhibition and selected artworks will be exhibited at the art show together with the outcomes of Future Revolution Workshop.
Submit your application as a one PDF to  by October 15, 2017. 
Authors will be notified about results by October 22, 2017
In case of questions, please contact Linda Teikmane

Art Academy of Latvia 
Kalpaka boulv. 13, Riga, Latvia, LV1010