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Project BaltSe@nioR workshop in Riga. 6.11.-9.11.
Workshop in Riga 6-9 November was the first attempt to transform the different amount and shape of materials we have produced at BaltSe@nioR till now to the useful information for someone - furniture industry.
During the workshop students were supported with the different tools to design the information. There were talks of experts from - story telling, graphic, info, UX design- fields. That immediately was continued by practical working sessions in above-mentioned fields . At the conclusion of workshop the whole story was put on Manual Mockup, using different language (digital, printed, …) up to the student proposals, based on what and where the furniture producers could received and used new created information. During Final presentation groups of student were pitching their ideas and received the critics from industrials and an expert of economy.

Story telling + Graphic design/ Information Hierarchy + Data design + UX design = MANUAL