Līdz 14/02 iespēja pieteikties lekciju kursam "Re///Action" pie Martina Foessleitnera

Līdz 14. februārim (ieskaitot) LMA studentiem ir iespēja pieteikties lekciju kursam "Re///Action" pie Martina Foessleitnera (Austrija). Lekcijas notiks angļu valodā. Vietu skaits ierobežots.
Pieteikšanās anketa atrodama šeit 

Lekciju kursa „Re///Action” apraksts

Based on the individual topic of each students thesis, 
we will have a close look on tools for capturing and understanding people´s behaviour and reaction
but even before: how to design a participative design process, what is the impact of mock-ups, 
why does an iterative approach is so helpful,
how to organize, do and present all documentation.
At the end each participant should have a customized toolbox for working.

Week February 18-22

Monday 14:00 - 18:00
afternoon: Introduction, Topics, The Dog,
Tuesday 9:30 - 13:45
morning: LATCH
midday: Visualisation
Wednesday 9:30 - 13:45
morning: Contextual Interviwew
midday: Visualisation
Thursday 9:30 - 16:00
morning: Mobile Ethnography
midday: LowRes Prototyping
afternoon: Storytelling
Friday 9:30 - 13:45
morning: Extensions
midday: Hollywood