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Full-time study BA 4-year / MA 2-year

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Students of the Department of Art History and Theory are gaining knowledge in the history and theory of art and architecture of different periods. They study the history of civilization and contemporary art processes and learn fundamentals of museology and art criticism. Since 2018 students in the Master’s program can choose to study the curator's specialty.

The study program encourages students to develop theoretical thinking, scientific writing, and presentation skills. Simultaneously with studying art history and theory, students are getting basic courses in painting, sculpting, and graphic techniques. Students are provided with internships in museums and other art and cultural institutions, as well as in archeology.

To ERASMUS students who choose to study in the Art History and Theory department lecture courses are delivered individually in modules.

One-semester courses in Latvian Art History and Contemporary Art Theory are offered to ERASMUS students of all departments. The lectures are in English.

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