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Full-time study BA 4-year / MA 2-year

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The Department of Metal Design provides an opportunity to obtain Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in design concerning metalworking on various scales. The program offers education in two subdivisions – jewelry and functional objects such as light objects, cutlery, garden furniture etc. A wide range of other materials – polymers, wood, precious and non-precious stones, amber, etc. are used in combination with the fundament (ferrous and non ferrous metals).

Courses of the Department include composition, work in material, gemstone studies, jewelry history, basics of graphic design etc. The classic technologies to be obtained include sawing, drilling, filing, chiseling, soldering, metal casting and aluminum anodizing. Lathe and milling cutter are available in the workshop as well as horizontal band saw and welding tools. Students are trained to choose the most appropriate methods for the realization of the project. The result differs from a group of jewelry or tableware in the first years of Bachelor's program to complicated art projects including various technological solutions in the Master studies.

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