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Faculty of Visual Arts

Duration of Study

Full-time study BA 4-year / MA 2-year


Studies in the Department of Painting let the artist decide on their own development trajectory that begins with an interest in painting. In basic courses, students learn painting skills and techniques, and work on composition tasks, developing imaginative thinking, visual language, and individual style.

Each year the students are given a set of mandatory courses in painting. Simultaneously with courses designed for painters, the Technology Section encourages students to try subjects offered by other departments to learn different techniques for individual creative practice - starting from traditional and digital graphic techniques, sculpture, photography, animation, illustration etc.

Department offers students a wide range of composition studies – theoretical lectures, combined with exhibition visits and workshops, as well as practical classes, where students can choose both the technique and the lecturer.

Students can plan their studies by selecting which of the offered lectures and lessons to attend each semester.

Starting from the very first year, students also learn to think and talk about art. During the studies, students develop their reasoning, critical thinking, and discussion culture.

ECTS course catalogue I (SPRING) SEMESTER: 

BA level 2nd year

BA level 3rd year

MA level 1st year

ECTS course catalogue II (FALL) SEMESTER:

BA level 2nd year

BA level 3rd year

MA level 1st year


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