DIGARTED – Digital Art Courses in Higher Education Institutions

Art educators needs to be able to keep up with today’s digital transformation that affects all sectors of the economy, including creative and artistic jobs. Their personal digital competencies have to be elevated and their skills in creating innovative digital curricula need to be cultivated. Art students need to be exposed to the concept of digital art and to the possibilities and outlets that this field can offer them in the future. The students represent the next generation of the workforce and they must be able to respond to change brought by digitization. Art higher education institutions need to be able to offer innovative, trans-disciplinary, and contemporary programmes to their students. All institutions have to be aligned and able to keep up with the broader societal needs and the needs of the labor market. By incorporating digital art courses in their curricula, art institutions can increase their visibility, reinforce their reputation, and attract talent and funding.

The specific objectives that the project aspires to address are listed below:
1. Develop and make available Educational and Knowledge Resources on integrating digital art elements into the teaching practices of Art Schools.
2. Provide training opportunities for arts academics in innovative digital art elements and trans-disciplinary approaches to expand their capacity with curricula design, delivery and assessment at the intersection of arts & technology.
3. Provide opportunities for arts students to develop digital skills and competences.
4. Promote the lifelong learning dimension of art schools by facilitating the uptake of digital art short-duration learning courses leading to micro-credentials.

Project Results
1. Training Module for art educators on Digital Arts;
2. Pedagogical Framework (Curriculum) on Digital Arts for one core and one elective digital art course;
3. Curriculum for a short-duration learning course on the basics of digital art leading to micro-credentials.

The Partners
1. The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz 
2. DigitAI
3. The Art Academy of Latvia 
6. The University of Arts in Belgrade 
7. The Technical University of Kosice 

Project period
1 November 2021 – 30 June 2024 

Project number

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