Department of International Relations

The objective of the International Relations Department is to locally and internationally promote the work and recognition of the Academy's students and lecturers. To achieve this aim, the Department develops and maintains international contacts as well as coordinates exchange of international studies and practice. 


The Art Academy of Latvia is a member of various international organizations like NICA (Network for International Cooperation in Arts), ELIA (European League of Institutes of Arts), PARADOX (Subnetwork of ELIA), NORDPLUS (Program of the Nordic Council of Ministers), CIRRUS (Nordic-Baltic Network of Art and Design Education), KUNO (Network of Nordic-Baltic Fine Art Academies) and CUMULUS (International Association of Universities  and Colleges of Art, Design and Media).

The International Relations Department organizes international mobility of students, lecturers and staff members within the European Commission programme Erasmus+. The Art Academy of Latvia has more than 15 years experience in organizing exchange mobilities, and has concluded bilateral agreements with almost 140 Erasmus+ partner-universities in EU, EEA and other countries.

The Art Academy of Latvia in collaboration with partner universities in the Baltic and Nordic countries, organizes student and lecturer mobility also within NORDPLUS program in KUNO and CIRRUS networks.


The department frequently organizes different local and international projects in Latvia and abroad, such as exhibitions, workshops and guest lectures. Based on the previous successful cooperation experience of Erasmus program, a number of joint projects have been organized with partner universities.


Location: Room 7
Office hours: Tu, We, Th 10:00AM - 5:00PM