On August 21 a new art space Pilot will open in Rihards Vagners street 3. This experimental place has been created to help developing a united form of higher arts education in Europe. The creation of this art space was initiated by EU4ART alliance and Art Academy of Latvia, in collaboration with Erasmus+ programme and Riga municipality.

Pilot art space will be opened with an international group exhibition “VICE VERSA” in which curator Auguste Petre has invited to participate four current and former students from the collaborative schools of the alliance – Ilze Aulmane (Art Academy of Latvia), Maria Kitzing (Academy of Fine Arts Dresden), Luca Lovász (Hungarian University of Fine Arts) and Steven Marigo (Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma). “Collaboration”, “frankness (and experiments with it)” and “trust” are the keywords chosen as focusing points of the upcoming show. 

The definition of vice versa is based on reversed relations between two or more things, concepts and ideas, people and experiences. At the same time, this thought also regards to finding different points of view (both in humane relations and art) and highlights the need to mutually open cooperation.

This exhibition is created as a curatorial experiment about physically and psychologically perceptible state of frankness or disclosure which often requires courage and the ability to trust. An idea about partnership in the context of an exhibition is used as a conceptual instrument that turns the newly created art space in a source for obtaining an unprecedented artistic experience and a playground where four different artists meet, get to interact and know each other.

EU4ART alliance is an international association for institutions for higher education in arts and its long term aim is to strengthen fine art study programmes in member states of European Union (EU).

The EU Erasmus+ supported project EU4ART alliance aims to build an initiative for European universities in which have joined Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma (anno 1754), Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden (anno 1764), Magyar Képzőművészeti Egyetem (anno 1871) and Art Academy of Latvia (anno 1919).

In the new art space a wider audience will have the possibility to regularly meet with creations of young and talented artists, as well with projects developed by independent curators and members of EU4ART alliance.

The exhibition “VICE VERSA” will be on view from August 21 until September 24.

Pilot working hours:
Tuesday to Sunday
12 noon to 6 PM

Rihards Vagners street 3, Riga