Organized by the Department of Art History and Theory of Art Academy of Latvia (AAL), the seven-day online summer school ‘Getting to Know Latvian Art History’ is designed as an open platform for people from different cultures to experience Latvian art through the prism of art history within the context of European culture. The program is designed for students with particular interest in art history, architecture, and culture.

Under the guidance of experienced and highly respected lecturers and researchers, participants of the summer school will spend seven days to study Latvian cultural history, significant examples of Latvian historical art, contemporary art and also will learn about art and art history education opportunities and major art institutions in the capital of Latvia, Riga, and in the regions of Latvia. The format of the summer school will also allow participants to get acquainted with Latvia's cultural landscape and cultural heritage via virtual tours to the ‘hearts’ of two Latvian regions — Kuldīga and Rēzekne. Finally, participants will take a digital tour of Riga's historic center, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, to learn about Riga's oldest architecture and Art Nouveau imagery.

Learning outcomes:

Participants of the summer school will get an insight into the history of Latvian art, culture, as well as the Latvian language. Lectures, seminars, discussions, and online tours will help to learn about the history of Latvian art in the context of European culture and the challenges of local contemporary art.

  • A successfully completed course converts to 3 ECTS credits


August 24 - 30, 2020



The participants of the International Summer School are students and academic staff from China, Greece, Indonesia, Kirghizia, Mexico, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, and Georgia. They participated in the competition and were selected based on their motivation letters.


24.08.2020. At 11.00 am (Latvian time). Opening of the summer school and introduction of the program.
The Role of Art Academy of Latvia in the History of Latvian Art (Inese Sirica). Lecture / seminar

At 1.00 pm (Latvian time). Latvian Art in the European Context, c. 1900 (Jeremy Howard). Lecture / seminar

25.08.2020. At 10.00 am (Latvian time). The Most Eminent Artists in Latvian Art and the Exposition of the Latvian National Museum of Art. (Ginta Gerharde–Upeniece). Online tour / Latvian National Museum of Art

26.08.2020. At 11.00 am (Latvian time). Art in the Regions. Rundāle Palace Museum and Latvian Art History Styles in the Exposition "From Gothic to Art Nouveau" (Laura Lūse). Lecture / tour / seminar

27.08.2020. At 11.00 am (Latvian time). Art in the Regions. Introduction to the Latgale Branch of AAL in Rēzekne. The Brightest Examples of Latgale Art and Culture (Inta Pujate). Lecture / seminar

At 13.00 pm (Latvian time). The Heritage of Latvian Sacral Art through the Eyes of an Art Historian and Theologian (Andris Priede). Online tour / seminar

28.08.2020. At 11.00 am (Latvian time). Art in the Regions. AAL Kuldīga Artists' Residence. How to Exhibit Contemporary Art? (Raimonds Kalējs). Lecture / master class

29.08.2020. ​​​​​​​At 11.00 am (Latvian time). Riga and its Architecture: from the Middle Ages to Art Nouveau (Guntars Gritāns). Online tour

At 13.00 pm (Latvian time). Art Nouveau in Riga Architecture. Lecture (Silvija Grosa) / seminar (together with Guntars Gritāns)

30.08.2020. At 11.00 am (Latvian time). Closing seminar and discussions on the topic Getting to Know the History of Latvian Art (all lecturers and summer school participants)

Contact information:

  • Photo: "Relief on the facade of a rental house with shops on 37 Brīvības Street in Riga, owned by Jānis Aleksandrs Freijs. 1909. Architect Eižens Laube, Ferdinand Vlasac's Sculpture Workshop.

​​​​​​​The summer school is organized by the Department of Art History and Theory of the Faculty of Art Science collaboration with State Education Development Agency of the Republic of Latvia