Organized by the Department of Art History and Theory of Art Academy of Latvia (AAL) is designed as an open platform for representatives of different cultures. Within ten days, it will offer an opportunity to sense the imprints and topicality of cultural heritage through the prism of art history styles and directions in Latvia under the guidance of outstanding teachers. The programme offered will be of particular interest for the students and academic staff working in the fields of cultural heritage, art history, art and design, architecture and culture.

AAL is the only higher education institution in Latvia where the history of European and Latvian art, art history styles, directions, types, cultural history and contemporary art expressions are studied in depth and new ideas are generated. During exciting ten days of the summer school, the participants will get acquainted with the history of Latvian culture, significant examples of Latvian art in European context, expressions of contemporary art, art and art history education opportunities, the most important art institutions in the capital Riga and in the regions of Latvia. The format of the summer school will also allow them to get to know the Latvian cultural landscape and the cultural heritage via virtual excursions to Rīga, Kuldīga, Rēzekne, Daugavpils, Pedvāle and Jūrmala.

Learning outcomes obtained: In lectures, seminars, discussions and excursions, the participants of the summer school will get an insight into the art styles and directions in Latvia, art and cultural heritage institutions and, to a lesser extent, also in the Latvian language. There will be created an understanding of Art Academy of Latvia as an important research platform for art.

As a result of a successfully completed course, it is possible to obtain 3 ECTS

August 18-27, 2021


The participants of the International Summers School are students and academic staff from Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Slovaky, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan


18.08.2021. At 11.00 am (Latvian time). Opening of the summer school. Introduction to the Art Academy of Latvia and its role in Latvian and European art and art research. ( Inese Sirica)  Lecture / virtual excursion

19.08.2021. At 11.00 am (Latvian time). Formation of professional art in Latvia in the context of European art.( Jeremy Howard)  Master class / seminar

20.08.2021. At 11.00 am (Latvian time). Art styles in the regions of Latvia: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, Historicism, Art Nouveau, Functionalism, etc.  ( Ojārs Spārītis) Master class / seminar.

21.08.2021. At 11.00 pm (Latvian time). Architecture of Rīga through the centuries. Rīga as a UNESCO World heritage site. ( Silvija Grosa, Ieva Rosne). Virtual excursion / lecture / seminar

23.08.2021. At 11.00 am (Latvian time). Latvian cultural landscape and Latgale region. Latvian artists in the world: Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre. ( Inta Pujāte) Lecture / seminar

24.08.2021. At 11.00 am (Latvian time). Rundāle Palace Museum and Latvian Art History Styles in the Exposition `From Gothic to Art Nouveau`. ( Laura Lūse) Virtual excursion / lecture / seminar

25.08.2021. At 11.00 am (Latvian time). A story about Latvian art in the permanent exposition of the Latvian National Museum of Art. Art and the leading art institutions in Latvia.  ( Ginta Gerharde-Upeniece) Seminar / discussions / master class

26.08.2021. At 11.00 am (Latvian time). Processes of contemporary art in Latvia. Pedvāle phenomenon. Residence of Kuldīga artists. The example of Kuldīga in preserving cultural heritage and supporting the processes of contemporary art.  ( Raimonds Kalējs) Lecture / master class

27.08.2021.  At 11.00 am (Latvian time). End of summer school. Seminar and discussions.

Contact information:

The summer school is organized by the Department of Art History and Theory of the Faculty of Art Science collaboration with State Education Development Agency of the Republic of Latvia