The exhibition "Circle of Arts" offers an opportunity to get an insight into the artistic research carried out as part of the Professional Doctorate program of the Art Academy of Latvia. The works of eleven doctoral students and four lecturers reveal the diversity of the artists' topics and techniques. Within the exhibition's framework, the authors critically and inquisitively look for ways to solve various social burning issues using visual art, coming up with answers and even more questions. Questions about the deconstruction of memory and history, feminism and its diverse manifestations in contemporary art, interpretations of the history of religion and art, as well as those that challenge a particular medium represented by the work of art itself, are just some of the pieces of art included in the exhibition. The nature motif also plays a meaningful part. Interpreted through references to metaphysics, ecology, collective memory, and meditation, it encourages reflection, examination, and new attempts to discover ways to live in these troubled times.

The title "Circle of Arts" reflects the never-ending cycle of creative inspiration, where artists endlessly look for new, innovative solutions to apply in their artistic research and creative practice. The exhibition displays pieces of art by the students and lecturers of the Art Academy of Latvia's professional doctoral program: Veronika Frolova, Egons Perševics, Rasa Jansone, Atis Jākobsons, Nils Jumītis, Madara Kvēpa, Anna Pommere, Ansis Rozentāls, Elīna Brese, Sandra Strēle, Laura Veļa, Prof. Andris Vītoliņš, Prof. Ph.D. Kristaps Zariņš, Prof. Juris Petraškevičs, and Asoc. Prof. Ph.D Jaceks Kolasinskis.

Exhibition "Circle of Arts"
Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, Italy
13.05. – 18.06.2023.

Curator: Inese Rozentāle

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