Can we redefine the role for public art if its primary function is no longer to commemorate or venerate.

At a time when galleries are closed and access to physical artworks is limited it is perhaps not surprising that we should be turning our attention to Public Art. Central Saint Martins and Art Academy of Latvia will be collaborating on a series of public talks that unpick the history and context of public art from the distinct perspectives of each institution. Each talk will have a speaker from the United Kingdom and Latvia and together with MA Fine Art students from both institutions will address the parallel and distinct tradition of Public Art in both countries. Each talk will explore a key theme in relation to the subject bringing together perspectives from opposite ends of the European Continent.

The talks programme begins on Thursday the 28th of January with:

Money: Who pays for Public Art and why?

We will explore existing and historic funding models as well as speculating on how this might evolve in the future.

Key speakers: Alex Shady and Sergejs Kruks 

Students: James Canty (CSM), Zemin Chen (CSM), Kristīne Daukšte (AAL), Liene Rumpe (AAL)

Please join us on 28/01/21 at 14:00 (UK time 16:00) Latvian time on the following link:
Meeting ID: 894 4468 8667
Passcode: 301143

The programme is as follows:

  1. Money: Who pays for Public Art and why? 28/01/2021
  2. Destruction: the toppling of public monuments 11/02/2021
  3. Activism: The power of political art 25/02/2021
  4. Site: discovering new space for public art 11/03/2021

The public talk programme is a part of a collaborative project between Central Saint Martins and Art Academy of Latvia