VILCE calls!

VILCE, translated as traction force or, more loosely, driving force and motive power, is an exhibition by the students of the painting department at the Art Academy of Latvia. Set up in the second floor hallway of the Academy, it is easily accessible and visible to students and visitors alike. 

Paintings on display are changed once a month, with 12 pieces by students exhibited each time, nominated for the exhibition by the students themselves. Each course – from first year to master's courses – nominates two paintings. 

The first VILCE exhibition was opened earlier this year on October 31, followed by the second exhibition on November 14.  

VILCE essentially symbolises the artist's insatiable desire to create, also implying an eternal process of learning and development. Initiated and organised by the students themselves, this exhibition is an important part of the study process. Emerging artists learn to communicate with each other, to work in a team, to have meaningful discussions about the artwork created, to observe and evaluate the creations of their peers, to recognise the diversity of painting, to be inspired by each other. It is also an opportunity to explore the practical aspects of exhibiting artwork during their study process and understand each individual’s contribution to the overall process. 

On November 24 VILCE will be part of the "Riga Last Thursdays" gallery evening, and from 18:00 to 22:00 you will have the opportunity to not only see the exhibition, but also observe the painting study process in person, take a look behind the scenes of artmaking and talk to the artists – students of the painting department will be working on site and welcoming visitors.