International Conference 2021


The annual academic conference by the Doctoral Program at the Art Academy of Latvia will take place on June 16–17, 2021.

Highlighting the idea of cultural hybridity, this year the conference encourages reflection on the encounters and interactions, contradictions and collisions of artistic and cultural practices in the Baltic region from historical and contemporary perspectives. The multifaceted historical and geopolitical patterns of the region offer a variety of challenges to consider: the hybrid nature of stylistic, chronological, conceptual, social, political and affective dimensions of art and cultural practices, as well as the interlaced relations of their tangible and intangible components. Considering how the geographical and socio-political situation of the Baltic states might promote theoretical dependence on the West, the conference also aims to determine and delineate local strategies of knowledge production, as well as the possibilities to resist the impasse of intellectual colonialism.

The Conference is supported by Signet Bank.

The conference is organized within the framework of project No. "Strengthening the research and innovative capacity of the Institute of Art History of the Art Academy of Latvia".

Call for Papers / Deadline 18 April 2021


The annual academic conference by the Doctoral Program at the Art Academy of Latvia will take place on June 16–17, 2021.

We welcome contributions from emerging, early career and established scholars, artists and researchers across a wide variety of disciplines. Please send your proposal (up to 300 words, 4 – 5 keywords), accompanied by a brief description of academic interests and activities (up to 100 words), as well as your institutional affiliation (if applicable) to  by April 18. Confirmation of participation will be sent by April 30.

Participants will have 20 minutes for their presentations (including discussions).

The accepted proposals will be reviewed and published in the “International Conference of the Art Academy of Latvia 2021” Thesis Collection / Program.

  • Working language: Latvian / English.
  • Given the epidemiological constraints and considerations, the format of the conference will be online.
  • Participation in the conference is free of charge.

After the conference, selected speakers will be invited to submit their articles to “Acta Academiae Artum IV” – an academic publication of the Doctoral Study Program of the Art Academy of Latvia, which will be reviewed by an international editorial board.

List of applications and participants approved for the conference

The following applications has been accepted by the Conference Organizations and the Scientific Commission and included in the conference program:

Collaborative Practices in The Baltic States in The Late 1960s: Modris Tenisons’ Pantomime Troupe and Vitas Luckus’ Pantomime Series. Valentyn Odnoviun, Lithuanian Culture Research Institute

Networked Meaning-making and Hybridity: Contemporary Baltic Photography. Paulius Petraitis, Lithuanian Culture Research Institute

Affective Hybridity in Anda Magone's Photography Series Forgiveness. Jana Kukaine, Art Academy of Latvia

The general descriptive approach of analysis of contemporary art trends in the context of a global pandemic: Analysis of Aesthetica, Frieze, and similar mainstream changes in the Baltic States in time 2019-2021. Evelīna Tilta, Art Academy of Latvia

Topic: Art and cinema in my creative work. Ansis Rozentāls, Art Academy of Latvia

Import of languages and stylistic contaminations in Polish architecture of the 17th-18th centuries — stages of a cultural colonialism by the Fontana family. PhD. Federico Bulfone Gransinig, University “G. d’Annunzio” of Chieti-Pescara, Italy

When You will get to barren New York, / you will share our opinion:/ We must afforest it! [1] Gunars Saliņš. Apmežosim Ņujorku [Let’s Afforest New York]. Jaunā Gaita. Nr. 20. 1959). Andra Silapētere, Art Academy of Latvia

Socio-political criticism in the context of Kristaps Ģelzis' work (1980-2015). Līna Birzaka Priekule, Art Academy of Latvia

The Impact of Digitalization on the Visual Arts. A View Through the Prism Created by Walter Benjamin. Dārta Purvlīce, Art Academy of Latvia

Poliphony of the truth. Layers of the cultural hybridity in the online performance "Iran Conference" (2020) by the Latvian director Elmars Senkovs. Kitija Balcere, Theater Critic

Hybridity or Synthesis: Political Activities and Modernism on Stage of the Riga Workers' Theater (1926 - 1934). Sanita Duka, Art Academy of Latvia

Interpretations on historical architecture by architect Vladimir Shervinsky. Katriona Luīze Rožlapa, Art Academy of Latvia

Bohemian Glass Arm Chandeliers in Latvia in late 18th Century. Kristīne Budže, Art Academy of Latvia

Promotion of creativity opportunities in textile art at the International Textile Art Symposiums in Jūrmala 1974 - 1993. Elīna Veilande Apine, Art Academy of Latvia

Verdure tapestries in Latvian Textile Art. The experience of Rūdolfs Heimrāts, Edīte Pauls-Vīgnere, Aina Muze and Ilma Austriņa. Rita Ļegčiļina – Broka – Broka, Art Academy of Latvia

The restoration concept: monumental art restoration in the Varakļāni manor house. Ināra Bula, Art Academy of Latvia

Buckwheat honey. Memory as a Technique of Self-Identification in Latvian, European and American Art from the begining of the 20th Century untill Today. Anna Pommere, Art Academy of Latvia

The genesis of the concept of Latvianness in the Latvian art in exile. Agnija Lesničenoka, Art Academy of Latvia

The implications of affect theory in the analysis of artwork. Iveta Feldmane, Art Academy of Latvia

Deep sustainability and media art. Maija Demitere, University of Liepaja

Art and Design Terms in Latvian Language in the Context of Cultural Hybridity. Vīva Ieviņa, Art Academy of Latvia

The image of police in the context of social design and cultural hybridization. Gaļina Asmaite, Art Academy of Latvia

The Context of Baltic States Art in Sculpture Quadrennial Riga 1958 - 2000. Māra Ādiņa, Art Academy of Latvia