Admission to bachelor's studies

Application for bachelor's studies will take place electronically starting from July 17 (at 00:01 AM, local time) to July 21 (until 9:00 AM, local time), by filling out the application form (the hyperlink will be active starting from July 17) and sending electronic copies of the necessary documents (in a single PDF document, arranged in the specified order) to the e-mail .
Admission rules for bachelor’s studies.

Documents to be submitted:

  1. a copy of passport or ID card;
  2. a copy of a document certifying secondary education;
  3. copies of three centralised examination (hereinafter - CE) certificates - in Latvian, foreign language (English, German, French) and mathematics;
  4. a copy of the transcript of secondary education results (attachment to the document certifying secondary education);
  5. payment confirmation for registration of documents (purpose of payment: Name / surname of the applicant. Registration for admission)

Registration fee:
Registration fee EUR 22.00
EUR 10.00 for the department of Art History and Theory.
There is no fee for registration of documents for orphans and children left without parental support.

Payment details:
Latvijas Mākslas akadēmija
Reg. No. 90000029965
Treasury TRELLV22
Account No. LV62TREL9220051000000
The purpose of the payment must be indicated in the payment document: "21351 EKK, payment for (reflective) name, surname registration”

After submitting the application:
Within two business days, Applicant will receive in his e-mail confirmation of the registration of the Reflector's application together with instructions and the SCHEDULE of the admission exam and/or the procedure for submitting work.


Admission exams will take place in person (from July 24th  to July 27th, 2023) (see tasks of the sub-sector of interest Assignments of admission exams for 2023/2024 study year).
Assignments of admission exams for 2023/2024 study year in AAL's Latgale branch

The candidate arrives for the exam at the AAL's premises on the specified day of the exam, bringing with him:

  1. previously prepared work to be submitted in person (in drawing and/or painting in accordance with the requirements set by the department);
  2. all the materials necessary to perform the task of the exam;
  3. it is mandatory to have a passport or ID card with you when you come to the admission exams in person.

If the admission exam must be performed REMOTELY (Visual communication and Movement. Image. Sound. department), the applicant submits the images (files) of the prepared admission exam in the LMA MOODLE platform. The instruction will be sent to the applicant's e-mail, after processing the applicant's registration application together with the applicant's registration confirmation.


Results will be announced on August 1, 2023 at 14.00

Signing of the study agreement will take place on August 3 (at Kalpaka Blv. 13)

1) before signing the study contract, all applicants who have passed the exam must personally present the originals of the documents submitted to the responsible staff member of the AAL's Admission Commission, to whom electronic copies were sent when registering for the admission exams;

2) the responsible staff member of the AAL’s Admission Commission makes sure that the information provided by the applicant is correct;

3) the applicant who has passed the exam submits 3 photos (document format 3x4 cm) and signs the study agreement

If the AAL’s  Admission Committee finds that it has been misled - the electronically submitted documents does not match with the originals of the documents, the applicant is excluded from the competition to study at the Art Academy of Latvia.