Admission to Doctoral Studies

Application form for the Doctoral studies will be open from June 1st (12:00 PM, local time) to July 6th (11:59 PM, local time). The application shall be submitted electronically by filling out the online application form and uploading the necessary documents to the AAL's e-study environment at


Admission rules for the Scientific doctoral programme.

Documents to be submitted:

  1. a copy of the master's diploma (master's degree in arts or humanities);
  2. CV (including secondary education),
  3. list of scientific works and publications (if any),
  4. letter of recommendation (if any),
  5. thesis topic application - text (about 40,000 characters or 20-22 pages (conditionally 1 page - 1800 characters with spaces) with an insight into the thesis topic,
  6. copy of passport or ID

Evaluation of applications and interviews from July 10th to July 14th, 2023.

The time, procedure and the format of the interview will be announced later.

Announcement of admission results – July 18th, 2023. at 2 PM.

The results will be announced by publishing them in the AAL's information system LAIS, in the applicant's profile.

Signing of study agreements -  July 20th and July 21st, 2023,  at AAL, Kalpaka blv. 13, room 13.

When arriving for signing of the study agreement, applicant submits 3 photos (document format 3x4 cm). As well as personally presents the originals of the documents submitted to the responsible staff member of the AAL's Admission Commission, to whom electronic copies were sent when registering for the admission exams

If the AAL’s  Admission Committee finds that it has been misled - the electronically submitted documents does not match with the originals of the documents, the applicant is excluded from the competition to study at the Art Academy of Latvia.