Functional Design (MA)

Duration of Study

Master 2 years / Full-time

Degree to be obtained

Master of Humanities in Design


The Master's programme in the Faculty of Design covers the broad and interdisciplinary field of the industry. Regardless of the chosen study department, studies in design programme encourages specialisation in one of three directions - conceptual product development in Product Design, innovations, processes, services in Process Design, academic and practical in Design Research.

Product Design – innovations in material, development of new physical or digital products, continuing the practical researches that have started or creating new ones in cooperation with departments of Art Design and/or Visual Plastic Arts of the Art Academy of Latvia, or material science departments in other Latvian universities.

Process Design – an insight into the contemporary process and intangible design (communication design, service design, speculative design, information design, social design, experience design), integrating students into the processes and problem solving of various other sectors and industries.

Design Research – analysis of the design industry, criticism of it, promotion of the strategic processes of the industry, history fixation, or research with design methods, in cooperation with the Art History and Theory faculty of the Art Academy of Latvia.

The development of a master's thesis in the Design program depends on the student's chosen specialisation in one of the directions.

By choosing the field of Product Design, as a result of studies, student develops a research-based master's thesis in the field of design, with commercialisation potential or high artistic value.

If the student chooses a specialisation in Process Design, the study results in a research-based master's thesis in Process Design, using an interdisciplinary approach and applying the strategic component of design in a wide variety of fields.

When specialisation in the field of Design Research, the master's thesis is designed as an academic study, where the design process and methods are used in the research, or research is carried out in the field of design itself.
Functional Design (MA)

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MA level 1st year

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MA level 1st year


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