The Art Academy of Latvia was founded in 1919 by one of the first Latvian professional painters and the first rector of the academy Vilhelms Purvītis (1872-1945). A modernized tradition of academic education, openness to topical art processes and activities, contribution of the pedagogues in preparing young artists and a high-level performance of the students have ensured and preserved the Academy’s authority till nowadays.

Currently the Art Academy of Latvia is the most significant higher education institution of art and design in Latvia. It offers knowledge and skills of contemporary arts education based on local traditions to anyone interested in becoming an independent and accomplished artist.

There are four study programmes in the Academy:

  • Bachelor degree programme in Arts (4-year studies)
  • Master degree programme in Arts (2-year studies)
  • Doctoral degree programme in Arts (3-year studies)
  • Professional Doctoral degree programme in Arts (3-year studies)

Bachelor's programme provides the opportunity to gain knowledge in the history of art and culture and also get acquainted with the different principles and procedures of art while focusing on the technical and compositional features of their chosen fields of specialization.

Master's programme is where the new artists lay the groundwork for the entrance into the national and the global world of art.

Doctoral studies offers an opportunity to conduct a substantial and deep research of cultural and artistic processes which are related to the chosen research topic.

The Academy also organises and involves in various local and international projects, exhibitions, symposiums, mobility programs and other creative activities with aim to provide students the opportunity to broaden their view, gain new experiences and establish new contacts between professionals in different art and design fields - both nationally and globally.

Around 700 students study at the Art Academy of Latvia every year. And we are most pleased that the study process is characterized by exceptionally good collaboration between students and their professors.