Graphic Art

Duration of Study

Bachelor 4 years / Master 2 years / Full-time

Degree to be obtained

Bachelor of Humanities in Visual Plastic Arts / Master of Humanities in Visual Plastic Arts


The Department of Graphic Art offers studies in interrelated programs – Graphic Art and Book Design.

Within the broader context of contemporary art, Graphic Art allows mixing all classical graphic techniques (linocut, woodcut, lithography, screen printing, etching, copper engraving, etc.) with a wide variety of materials, techniques, and the latest printing technologies to create art. During composition lectures students work with different themes and techniques and on finding their own artistic language. 

Book Design studies focus on the specifics of printing industry, working hand in hand with printing-houses, publishers, writers, paper distributors, business partners, mixing creative imagination and practical implementation. Students have lectures like illustration, artist book, layout design etc.

Along with the specialty subjects students learn also classical drawing and painting.

ECTS course catalogue II SEMESTER



Master's studies in the Graphics department provide an opportunity to learn both an in-depth block of theoretical subjects in a new quality, and to devote more time to graphic arts, experimental graphics and illustration studies. There is also regular cooperation with other departments of the Faculty of Visual Arts. The students' attention is focused mainly on the current art and graphics development trends, allowing for the wide use of various materials and the synthesis of genres. Students develop their individual style and use graphic language-related techniques in the practical part of the master’s thesis. Students expand their research in the theoretical part of the work.

The master's thesis is created as a creative work in the visual arts, supplemented with a theoretical basis according to the student's chosen study department and thematic area.


Students works