Curatorial studies (MA)


Faculty of Art Science

Duration of Study

Full-time study MA 2-year

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Curatorial Studies opened in 2018 as a specialisation of the master's program in the department of Art History and Theory. This specialisation was created to diversify the symbiosis of theoretical and practical study formats and to provide high-quality study content filled with critical theories.

Over the course of three semesters, students gain knowledge that develops critical thinking, experimental creative practices, and empathetic forms of collaboration essential to becoming knowledgeable mediators of the art environment.

The methodological format of the specialisation includes theoretical research along with the creative practical project implementation, combining it in artistic research. Students are motivated for procedural creative research, which results in a thesis - a curated creative project. In order to promote understanding of the field and the importance of the curator's role in the art ecosystem, the organisers  of the studies provide students with opportunities to participate in projects of various scales every semester and promote individual realisation of creative activity.

The master's thesis in Curatorial studies is created as a research-based creative work with a theoretical foundation.