Student Council

Involvement in the work of AAL Student Council provides wide opportunities for a public service: gain experience in organising events, exhibitions, gain in-depth knowledge of higher education administration.

Student council operates on a voluntary basis, every AAL student is invited to participate in its activities - from organising student fellowship evenings to defending student interests and organising the annual carnival.

The Student Council elects its own board and chairman, who represents the opinion of the council. The Student Council participates in the organisation of various cultural and educational events at AAL and elsewhere. The Student Council takes care of the protection of students' interests, closely cooperates with the Latvian Student Union and student organisations of other universities, initiates consideration of issues in the AAL Senate and the ALL Constituent Assembly.

Anyone interested can join the Student Council by applying in the AAL Study department (room 9).

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Student Council

Agnese Apine – chairwoman of the AAL Student Council
Patrīcija Gabriela Grasmane - AAL SC vice-chairwoman
Elza Zīverte - AAL SC member
Agne Ellere - AAL SC member
Kerija Krūmiņa - AAL SC member
Elizabete Punka - AAL SC member
Katrīna Biksone - AAL SC member
Dārta Katrīna Birkmane - AAL SC member
Luīze Dārta Kalniņa - AAL SC member