Environmental Art


Faculty of Design

Duration of Study

Full-time study BA 4-year / MA 2-year

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The Department of Environmental Art focuses on developing students’ creative thinking, confidence and individual style.

Study assignments include practical, conceptual and innovative work with indoor, outdoor and digital environments with the main goal of communicating a certain vision or idea. Students learn composition, graphic design and model-making in various materials as different ways of story-telling. Subjects also include computer graphics, basics of exhibition planning and traditional drawing, painting, sculpting.

Department provides opportunities to work with city municipalities and event organisers on various projects that help students realise their ideas. Participation in a variety of workshops related to city planning, modern science, anatomy, idea development and communication are offered to students in collaboration with other departments.


ECTS course catalogue I (SPRING) SEMESTER: 

BA level 2nd year

BA level 3rd year

BA level 4th year

MA level 1st year

ECTS course catalogue II (FALL) SEMESTER:

BA level 2nd year

BA level 3rd year

MA level 1st year



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