Cooperation & partners

In order to strengthen the role in the global educational processes, the Art Academy of Latvia has become a member of several international organizations and strategic networks: International Association of Universities  and Colleges of Art, Design and Media CUMULUS, the European League of Institutes of Arts ELIA and its sub-network PARADOX, the Program of the Nordic Council of Ministers NORDPLUS, the Nordic-Baltic Network of Art and Design Education CIRRUS and the Network of Nordic-Baltic Fine Art Academies KUNO.

International competitiveness is facilitated by the participation in exchange programs such as KUNO, CIRRUS, European and International Erasmus+, which has established a close network of cooperation with a lot of the leading art and design universities in Europe and also in non-European countries: we have cooperation agreements with more than 140 partner universities.

Hunan University

Hongkong Polytechnic University / School of Design

Asia Pacific College

St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design

Florida International University