Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of the Art Academy of Latvia (AAL) is a creative meeting platform for all our graduates (including former students): painters, graphic artists, textile artists, sculptors, ceramicists, glass and metal artists, designers, scenographers, audiovisual artists, restorers, art historians, scientists and thinkers, art educators, also all those who have kept art education in their heart, but decided to work in another field. In order to improve AAL's study programs, the involvement of graduates is important to us.

The association's mission is to promote the synergy of AAL's graduates and students. As well as developing remote lifelong education. We are proud of our graduates, who are important creators of Latvia's national identity and a testament to AAL's values ​​and quality of education.

The Alumni Association promotes the following:

1) contacts and cooperation after graduating from AAL; Possibility to receive information about AAL's news and opportunities in your e-mail! The opportunity to participate in art symposiums, exhibitions, events, conferences, concerts, discussions, lectures and master classes. Discounts for visiting the annual AAL carnival;

2) education, lifelong and continuous learning: professional development also after the graduation, customable courses; Support for completion of the started but not completed study programs (master's and doctoral studies); The opportunity to attend courses and classes of all AAL programs at a reasonable fee;

3) graduates for students and the AAL. In cooperation with the AAL's Student Career Center, the opportunity to participate in the AAL's Alumni Days (career opportunities, discussions and experiences). The opportunity to get involved in evaluating the results of the AAL's student study process (examinations and theses) and providing feedback; Job advertisements, internships: graduates for students and students for graduates;

4) scholarship fund for AAL's students: an opportunity to financially and materially support the AAL study process and talented students on their career paths.

Address, contacts
The Art Academy of Latvia
Kalpaka blv. 13
Riga, LV 1050

Mobile phone: +371 20261131

The LMA Alumni Association was established within the framework of the ESF project No. "Improving the management of the Art Academy of Latvia"