Courses for listeners


AAL study courses are also available to other interested parties who are not AAL students, but want to supplement their knowledge and skills in art, design, art science or cultural theory. As a listener, you can participate in various courses after individually agreeing with the lecturer of the relevant course.

Get acquainted with the study program and lecture schedule in the "Students" section of the AAL website. Shortly before the start of each semester, the upcoming semester's lecture schedules for undergraduate and graduate students are published on the website. Look for the lecturer of the relevant course in the list of lectures and contact him of her about the opportunity to attend the course as a listener (you will find the contact details of the lecturers on the website at the contact section of the relevant department or by writing to the e-mail: ). If the course lecturer confirms that the student can join the course, then the application must be filled out and submitted to the AAL Studies Department (for bachelor's level courses) or Master's Departments (for master's level courses), a contract must be signed and other formalities completed.

Each request is considered individually, as AAL offer many specialised courses in art and design, the availability of which depends on both the prior knowledge of the interested party and the possibility of enrolling a new student in the course. It should be noted that sometimes the admission of new listeners is limited by the capacity of premises and equipment.

The fee depends on the number of credit points for each course. The price for one credit point is EUR 138.00.

Anyone with an education corresponding to the level of study can attend lectures and classes as a listener - bachelor's program courses are available to listeners who have obtained secondary education, and master's program courses are available to listeners who have obtained higher education. After successfully completing the lecture course and fulfilling the requirements, the Art Academy of Latvia issues a certificate of the completed course.