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Duration of Study

Bachelor 4 years / Master 2 years / Full-time

Degree to be obtained

Bachelor of Humanities in Visual Plastic Arts / Master of Humanities in Visual Plastic Arts

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Students of the Department of Sculpture learn the traditions of different genres, technologies, and materials, as well as the ability to orient themselves in current technical and technological possibilities. Graduates are qualified for professional activities in the field of contemporary sculpture, design, restoration, visual advertising, and entertainment.

Sculpture is not merely an art style and a profession but also a unique way of thinking that focuses on the plastic form and its imagery.

Sculpture studies help to understand the world, observe its regularities, and see things in a different light and form. It can be cumbersome and incredibly light, tragic and joyful, sarcastic and naive. It can be extremely demanded and loved and rejected by everyone, except the sculptor.

Students develop the skills to see the impulse of art in the surrounding world and to materialize it on the basis of technological knowledge and professional skills.

In the Department of Sculpture students can study the following subjects:

1. Composition:

  • Thematic composition with in-depth study of technological context;
  • Thematic composition emphasizing conceptual substantiation. Historical event as the source of inspiration;
  • Thematic composition with in-depth study of social, contextual and conceptual meaning and correspondence in paradigm of contemporary culture;
  • Composition of free topic with emphasis on the principles of sculpture development and versions of the future visions.

2. Tectonics. The shape and space. Free choice of materials and technology.

3. Modelling. Figure, portrait. Clay or plasticine.

In addition to the department’s specialty subjects students master drawing, painting as well as subjects of other sections, such as ceramics, glass and others.

ECTS course catalogue I (SPRING) SEMESTER: 

BA level 2nd year
BA level 3rd year
MA level 1st year

ECTS course catalogue II (FALL) SEMESTER:

BA level 2nd year
BA level 3rd year
BA level 4th year
MA level 1st year
MA level 2nd year


The master's study program of the sculpture department gives the opportunity to learn the artistic language of contemporary sculpture, to improve student's professional competences, while also learning in-depth theoretical courses. This synthesis allows the student to prepare for a competitive practice as an artist. Taking into account the diversity of means of expression of contemporary sculpture, the master's degree program provides innovative study content and promotes the implementation of diverse creative research-based projects. Studies in this program encourage the implementation of artistic languages ​​and genres corresponding to a professional level. The practical part of the program combines conceptual discourse with the opportunity to learn various sculpting techniques and skills. Students are encouraged to creative independence and interdisciplinary approach in the learning process. Unity of practice and theoretical part is essential.

The master's thesis is created as a creative work in the visual arts, supplemented with a theoretical basis according to the student's chosen study department and thematic area.

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