Bachelor's and Master's studies

Studies at the Art Academy of Latvia are possible in the framework of Erasmus+ program, bilateral cooperation agreement, Swiss-European mobility, or KUNO and CIRRUS exchange programs.

The Art Academy of Latvia offers higher education in accredited Bachelor, Master and Doctoral & Professionlal Doctoral programs.

Students learn not only to perfectly master their professional field, but also to create and develop thinking, mastering practical skills and a wide range of theoretical subjects concurrently with their specialization studies, which makes it possible to have a good knowledge of art history, to be creative, competitively critical-minded and knowledgeable.

The Art Academy of Latvia offers studies in 20 specialties, which are divided into five faculties. Drawing department is separate unit and provides speciality studies for all the other departments.

Faculty of Visual Arts:

Faculty of Visual Plastic Arts:

Faculty of Design:

Faculty of Audio-Visual Media Art:

Faculty of Art Science: