Courses for visiting students

In order to apply for an exchange at the Art Academy of Latvia, the visiting student must be from one of the universities with which the Art Academy of Latvia has concluded an inter-university agreement on student exchange.

Art Academy of Latvia has an inter-university agreement on the exchange of guest students with the following institutions:

  • Jāzeps Vītols Academy of Music of Latvia
  • Latvian Academy of Culture
  • Latvian College of Culture of the Latvian Academy of Culture

Visiting students can study different courses, but each study subject must be agreed individually with the lecturer of the course of interest. Each request is considered individually, as AAL offers many specialised courses in art and design, the availability of which depends on both the prior knowledge of the guest student as well as the AAL's ability to admit a new student to the course. It should be taken into account that the admission of new students is sometimes limited due to the available facilities and equipment, as well as the fact that a large number of specialised courses in departments are based on individual training in the context of what has been previously learned. Courses in art science, cultural history etc. are recommended for guest students.

The study programme and lecture schedule can be found in the Students section of the website of the Art Academy of Latvia. Shortly before the start of each semester, the upcoming semester's lecture schedules for undergraduate and graduate students are published on the website. In the lecture schedule, look for the instructor of the course you are interested in and contact him or her about the opportunity to attend the course as a guest student (contacts of instructors are published in the contact section of the relevant department) or write to the e-mail: . If the course lecturer confirms that guest students can join the course, then the application must be filled out and submitted to the  AAL Studies Department (for bachelor's level courses) or the AAL Master's Department (for master's level courses).

After successfully completing the lecture course and passing the final exam, the guest student receives a certificate of the course completion and obtains the corresponding number of credit points.

Applicants can apply for studies as a listener, starting from the first day of the registration week of the relevant semester until the end of the second week of the semester.