Armands Zelčs


Armands Zelčs graduated from the Audiovisual Media Arts Department of the Latvian Academy of Arts with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Visual Communication and studied at the Department of Experimental Media, Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany). Since 2015, he has been teaching at the Latvian Academy of Arts in Departments of Visual Communication, KAS (Motion. Picture. Sound) and Environmental Art. Since 2007 has been participating and organizing contemporary art exhibitions. Works of Armands Zelčs take various forms - typical for contemporary art, such as object, installation, sound, photography, screen printing, etc., he also specializes in disciplines of graphic design. Zelčs has repeatedly won awards from the Book Publishers Association. Works have been shown in many international contemporary art exhibitions and included in the collections of LNMM (Latvian National Museum of Art, Latvia), KUMU (Estonia), and Rostock Kunsthalle (Kunsthalle Rostock, Germany).

Practice (MA POST)
Context (MA POST)
Mixed Media Composition BA, MA (Visual Communication Department )
Design to Communicate BA (Visual Communication Department , Motion. Image. Sound Department, Environmental Art Department)
Specialty Studies BA (Motion. Image. Sound Department)